one subject research: dream

Dream is an interesting and mysterious topic to everyone. We’ve done an intriguing research into daydreams and night dreams, and try to understand how each of them relate to people’s lives. Lots of theories and art history work contained, plus many modern projects and movies regarding this topic.

We also talked about the cartography of dream, and came up with some ideas and made a prototype.

The following is the link to the presentation slide:

project research in dream

day7: mood interpreter

Everyday I go out for school, I will take a photo of what I see, that’s the daily view which can be easily neglected.I find it interesting that sometimes the view can be synchronized with my mood. Perhaps coincidentally, also it is my mood so I have a different interpretation to see the scenery.

照片 3照片 2照片 4照片 1

Sometimes we can share our mood with others in this implicit way. And we can document the mood day by day.By taking the photos and restoring them, they are sorted in color hue, the similar view will be in the same color box.The result will show in the ring digram.



day6: break the transparent wall


Inspired by experimental artist Cai guo-qiang’s work <Head on>, I try to make a interactive website based on my own experience. When I first came to New York, I found communication is so difficult. When people talk to me,  the most often case is those words seem to be blocked by an transparent wall in front of me. So I want to make a website which can record the progress of the newcomers’ English and communication ability. As time goes by, the distance between the words and person will turn short, the wall may turn more transparent, and less higher.

The ultimate goal is to break the wall.

My prototype:wall

day5: face blindness helper

It’s difficult for Asian recognize all the blonde and blue eyes westerners. Samely, Asian people may look all black hair and flat face to them. I think it’s important for new students recognize their classmates quickly, and sometimes we are shy to ask again and again their names that hard to remember.It’s maybe a kind of face blindness.

So I think of a special glass like in the spy movie, wearers just need to push it up or down to take a picture of who they are looking at and then transport the photos to the computer database.U3003P8T1D980824F916DT20100326102615

By taking photos of the front and side, the  establishment of a three-dimensional analysis can be set up.The app may synthesize with the social media, like Facebook, to match the photo and name ,which will connect you to the person’s social media, then you can know more to let you remember the person quickly.

屏幕快照 2015-09-15 下午2.50.49   屏幕快照 2015-09-15 下午2.52.21

day4: new fashion fireplace

christmas-tree-and-fireplaceIn the past days, Fireplace has its unique functional and decorative effect to a family. Nowadays, it may become an old fashion, and many houses don’t even equip it.Its heater function has been replaced by central heating.

I think the family members sit around the fireplace talking is a great thing. So I am thinking of reusing the fireplace not just as a decoration in the living room.

Then I think of another important thing in the living room: the television.The height it hung may not be appropriate for children. Looked up to watch TV is not good for children.

Snip20150915_3 Snip20150915_7

I think the fireplace can be used like a screen, like the outdoor movie,  with a projection device in the back, children can just sit on the carpet, watching the programs while the adults talking. You can see depth, like a Holographic projection, which make you get a 3D video.


The Chinese traditional shadow play also gives me the inspiration.皮影博物馆展品 (2)

28-Contemporary-FireplaceMoreover, the gas fireplace maybe combined with music machine, like the music fountain, the frequency of the leaping flames varies according to the music beat frequency. It can be a good combination of music and visual effects.

day3: 9 recalling boxes

You may want to find an interesting  website to restore things which can reflect and document your cherish childhood , cartoon series you’d like to watch, glass marbles you’d like to play and of course games, sometimes the person you like that time.But the choose is ,as time goes on, the things stored in the shelves will be thrown one day and you can never recall some cherish memories.

The following is the design that I like, maybe quite similar to what I think the website may look like.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.26.20_905

However, instead of classifying the boxes by time, I’d like to classifying them by categories.

I’d like to design a website called 9 recalling boxes.You can restore the virtual things in it with giving a number between 1-9, the smaller one will inside the bigger one, it’s like a opening presents game, you don’t know inside which box will the things be in.You can give the number by the degree the things mean to you.So the day you want to see them, you need to recall hardly which number you rate it, and only through correct number ,you can access it.

Snip20150921_2 Snip20150921_3